No one likes to think about death, let alone plan for it. By pre-planning your funeral, you relieve your family of having to make important financial decisions during a period of great stress and grief; a time when people aren't thinking very clearly and may not know what to do because you never made your wishes known.

Pre-planning your funeral can be very informal, and as simple as jotting down your preferences and sharing your wishes with a family member. More formal arrangements in the form of a preneed contract can be set up with us and can be pre-funded through PrePlan.

PrePlan is a funeral trust pre-funding program, backed by the New York State Funeral Directors Association, that is the nationally recognized leader in managing prepaid funeral and burial accounts. It currently administers over 50,000 of these consumer trust accounts for more than 500 funeral homes in New York State that offer its services to consumers. This trust fund program is professionally managed by a first-rate team of funeral directors and knowledgeable staff, with the advice and counsel of some of the best investment advisors in the country.

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Why Pre-Plan?
Decisions You'll Make in Pre-Need Planning

Below is the Pre-Planning Form. To submit your pre-planning needs electronically please fill out this form and click 'SUBMIT'.

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